Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is this text/information offensive? Why? It will only be informative.

As I noticed my former blogg on this issue was removed without any explanation by the blogger corp. Why? If there is a problem with information about this kind of institutions and operations putting your kids in awful living conditions, why should that not be discussed and let to be publicly known?

More over it costs lots of money for the family and the expectations for the child and family are great and if the outcome is bad the money is wasted and the child experiences it as his/her failure and leaves a life long trauma.

I think this kind of information is important and should be publicly spread, so that when shit happens there at least has been knowledge about it and that families can be prepared!

If on the other hand there has come up some kind of censorship that I am not aware of I can always move these pages to some other blogg.

The ones who decide on these pages to be or not to be online, please let me know!


Monday, April 14, 2008

First entry, what is it all about? What YFU, why and when?

This BLOGG will contain much information on YFU, Youth for Understanding, exchange programs in different countries. I feel that much more information should be given on the possibly negative issues that seems to be happening every year for ex. in Chile, mostly due to bad local work on selecting the families and the schools. Then on the other hand nobody seems to take the exchange students for their words and situations really get bad before anything is done, if eventually is. We have very much really negative experience about students living in Chile but anyone who has positive experiences can join in as well. We start with Chile and USA so anyone who has knowledge about these issues can send my an email to my adress at: We try to gather information, select what we print and help people if they ask us to. After our experiences we feel that no one should be left alone. Most text will be in English, but some text can be in Swedish, Spanish and Finnish also. If someone wants to tell us about other organisations we can also start new bloggs that takes about 5 minutes. Help us to know more and we will try to help you solve your problems!